Nothing but competence in laws allows to forecast a process
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About Law Company Rybakov & Sazonov


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Licence of Minustry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus N 02240/1384 (04/06/2013 - 04/06/2018)

The experience of our lawyers shows that an effective solution of our clients' problems requires more than just the competence in laws, it also requires careful consideration of various factors including the variable law implementation practice of the state officials and court and peculiarities of the national business accounting. We believe that it is vitally important for lawyers who work in the sphere of economic relations to possess encyclopedic knowledge and understand the specific features of the business they are working with.

A professional lawyer can provide several solutions to any problem. We usually develop different ways of solving a problem, discuss their advantages and disadvantages with the client and suggest the most effective one. However the client is the decision-maker and we will do our best to realize his decision with the maximum efficiency. Our client has always the right to choose.

We offer you our help to solve your problems and it is your right to accept it or not.

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