Nothing but competence in laws allows to forecast a process
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About the company

About the company

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It is historically determined that in Belarus as well as in other former Soviet countries there are no legal companies hundred years history and old traditions. Future leaders of the legal advice market create their history today.

Law firm "Rybakov & Sazonov" was founded by lawyers with rich practical experience soon after the new legal system in Belarus had been formed. During this relatively short period of time the certain rules and traditions of effective cooperation have been developed, and they will be strictly observed by the lawyers of the company.

The secret of the company's success lies in the lawyers' positive and creative attitude to their work. When suggesting a client an elegant and non-standard solution to a problem, a lawyer feels satisfaction like that of an artist who has just finished a new picture. Solving client's problems should never be a routine monotonous process; actually creativity is an inseparable part of the lawyer's work that insures professional success and client's satisfaction.

The experience of our lawyers shows that an effective solution of our clients' problems requires more than just the competence in laws, it also requires careful consideration of various factors including the variable law implementation practice of the state officials and court and peculiarities of the national business accounting. We believe that it is vitally important for lawyers who work in the sphere of economic relations to possess encyclopedic knowledge and understand the specific features of the business they are working with.

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A professional lawyer can provide several solutions to any problem. We usually develop different ways of solving a problem, discuss their advantages and disadvantages with the client and suggest the most effective one. However the client is the decision-maker and we will do our best to realize his decision with the maximum efficiency. Our client has always the right to choose.

Either at its value or at where you're paying for it, whichever is lower. So you do Adelaide Property Valuers needto find a lender who's going to help you out there.The other thing you could do and again you need to find a lender that you could do thiswith would be to agree to a property but to have a long settlement period. Maybe it'sthree months, maybe it's six months and to get in your clause early access to the propertyand so maybe you would sign off on a dilapidated property, you would get early access to it,you would then go in and you would do all the renovations and stuff like that usingyour own money and then.

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We offer you our help to solve your problems and it is your right to accept it or not.

Yours faithfully,
Andrej Rybakov and Victor Sazonov

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