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Law firm "Rybakov & Sazonov" provides legal support to businesses in Belarus. No matter if you are starting a business or your company is already in the market, our professional legal assistance will help you to use the legal instruments most effectively and thus will contribute to reaching your company objectives, aimed at the further development of your business.

Since our lawyers have extensive practice and creative thinking, they can find a prompt solution to any problem no matter how extraordinary it might be.

Offers to specific groups of clients:
You have decided to start your own business in Belarus
You plan to purchase a company in Belarus
You have created a company and it is starting its operation
Your company is performing well but there are legal questions that need to be answered
You need to make an important deal
You want to improve your business pattern and minimize tax burden
Your company needs a representative in court
Economic sanctions are threatening your company
Brief description of some services:
Creation of legal instruments for effective work of your business
Legal support of business projects
Legal service for the clients on a regular basis at a fixed fee
Due diligence
Labor law
Real estate

You have decided to start your own business in Belarus

You plan to buy a company in Belarus

  • Assistance in sale negotiations.
  • Due diligence - comprehensive legal audit of an enterprise, detection of legal mistakes and assessment of risks connected with them, prognosis for possible creditors' claims and economic sanctions.
  • Securing transfer of company's tangible and intangible assets.
  • Complete legal support of a business purchase deal (purchase and sale of shares etc.).

You have created a company and it is starting its operation

  • Development of necessary contracts' set for your company's activities and support of the use of these contracts.
  • Flawless organization of documents circulation.
  • Legal assistance in employment sphere: elaboration of employment contracts and all other necessary documents in accordance with the employment legislation of Belarus.
  • Maintenance costs minimization.
  • Development and implementation of the set of documents which guarantee the protection of the confidential information (company's regulations on commercial classified information, agreements concerning non-disclosure of confidential information etc.).
  • Assistance in negotiations with potential partners and establishment of strong business connections.
  • Legal support of business-projects.

Your company is performing well but there are legal problems that need to be solved

You need to make an important deal

  • Analysis of risks and benefits of all possible variants of the deal.
  • Legal support in carrying out of negotiations.
  • Preparation and negotiating on contracts' drafts.
  • Professional choice of the best legal means to ensure contractual obligations fulfillment and to protect against possible risks.
  • Carrying out of necessary formalities, including deals registration.
  • Assistance in purchasing real estate.

You want to improve your business pattern and minimize tax burden

  • Assessment of the tax burden within the current work pattern and suggestions on its optimization.
  • Suggestions on more effective sales and profits distribution.
  • Estimation of tax, customs and administrative risks of the client's business plan.
  • Improvement of the client's business plan (scheme).

Your company needs a representative in court

  • Preliminary estimate of the legal prospects of the judicial procedure.
  • Development of the legal defense or prosecution strategy.
  • Collecting of relevant evidence.
  • Negotiations with the other party in order to reach the agreement of lawsuit.
  • Participation in hearings in The Economic courts and Arbitration courts, including International arbitration Court of Belarus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arbitration Courts of Russian Federation.
  • Legal assistance in the process of court decision implementation.

Economic sanctions are threatening your company

  • Interaction with supervisory officials during inspections and check-ups: verification of powers, preparation of explanations and complaints.
  • Appeal of a decision on economic sanctions by administrative means.
  • Appeal of a decision on economic sanctions by taking it to court.
  • Assistance in return of money that was collected due to unlawfully imposed economic sanction.

Creation of legal instruments for effective work of your business

Law firm "Rybakov & Sazonov" provides legal assistance in setting up all possible forms of business in Belarus, including companies with foreign investments.

The lawyers of our firm will assess risks and benefits of setting up your business in Belarus and advise you on the most effective form of business organization taking into account your interests, the number of your partners, specific character of your business and its taxation.

At the beginning of your business activities the experts of "Rybakov & Sazonov" will also advise you on minimizing company's maintenance costs.

The lawyers of "Rybakov & Sazonov" have valuable experience in reorganization, restructuring and improvement of businesses as well as in implementation of investment projects.

The policy of our firm excludes formal approach to statutory documents. We are determined to act for the benefit of our clients and thus we offer them a "full registration package" which includes all the documents necessary to start a business.


  • Contractual relationship, including
    • purchase contract
    • supply agreement
    • lease contract
    • contractor's agreement
    • rendering of services
    • commission, contract of agency and other contracts
  • Tax law
  • Banking law
  • Currency regulations
  • Customs law
  • Employment law
  • International economic activities
  • International trade law
  • Unlawful actions of controlling officials
  • Arbitration and court procedures
  • Assistance in the process of implementation of a court decision
  • Real property
  • Securities
  • Telecommunication

Legal support of business projects

The lawyers of "Rybakov & Sazonov" have valuable experience in implementation of investment projects in different spheres.

Initial decisions at the start-up stage of the project directly effect its success. We will help you to take decisions which are correct from both legal and strategic point of view. Lack of proper legal consideration results in investor's substantial material losses and might even lead to collapse of the project.

Flexible legal design of your project is the key element of its success.


The complete coincidence of your interests and interests of your business partners is impossible. It is both vitally important and extremely difficult to reach an agreement. In most of the cases mutually beneficial decisions are made during negotiations. Our role is to assess the advantages and risks and offer lawful implementation mechanisms of these decisions.

Legal service for the clients on a regular basis at a fixed fee

Legal service for the clients on a regular basis ensures that our clients get the necessary legal help and solutions of current problems of their business at any time. This form of cooperation also helps our clients to reduce their expenses on legal help.

Adjusting to legislation changes is vital to any business. That is why our clients value our information support and prompt recommendations on how to make the best use of newly changed legal situation.

Due diligence

The price of an enterprise is basically determined by its risks which occur first of all due to the mistakes that the previous owners of the business could have made.

Due diligence is a careful and precise legal expertise of business based on the international standards. It will allow you to exclude risks after the purchase deal is made.

The lawyers of "Rybakov & Sazonov" have acted as consultants of the leading international consulting firms during the process of due diligence of Belarusian companies for international investment projects.

Labor law

Every state carefully protects employees' rights, while employers' interests are not always taken into consideration. There is a great deal of employment legislation, which employers have to comply with and it is of utter importance that an employer should:

  • reflect a clear company structure in the staff list;
  • define functions of each employee in a comprehensive job description;
  • be aware of and insured against possible negative taxation consequences when deciding on the salary for employees;
  • strictly follow labour protection regulations;
  • prevent possible labour disputes by providing detailed local company regulations;
  • have a distinct idea of possible solutions to a labour conflict and consider all formalities of the dismissal procedure so that formal mistakes do not cause your dismissal decision to become invalid.

In other words, elaborating lawful and thought-out company regulations concerning labor relationships and following the requirements of labour legislation determine company's efficiency since they help to save time and money losses as and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Real estate

Legal services at the legal estate market enjoy high demand, since investment in real estate is highly reliable and extremely profitable.

What is the best way to register the real estate object in order to minimize tax burden, maintenance costs and political risks? The potential purchaser of real estate might be confronted with peculiarities of real estate legislation, issues of ensuring real estate owner's rights and other difficulties specific to Belarusian real estate market.

The lawyers of "Rybakov & Sazonov" will advise you on land laws of the Republic of Belarus, carry out legal expertise of relevant documents and assist in state registration of your real property rights.

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